The sunlight hurts my eyes.

I'm Katelyn, and I captured these photo.


Don’t ever deny someone’s compliment. Just say thank you and move on, even if you want to disagree. Look in the mirror and repeat the persons compliment and take it to heart. You’ll eventually be able to see what the person sees in you.

Anonymous asked: Wow, you are really cute


Oh thank you (; I bet you are also

Person:*says something*
Me:Oh sorry, can you repeat that? The volume for the porn I'm watching was too loud.

I just want to be friends with you and you and you and you……

Talk to me ? Please ? Maybe ? ….

Where the bad bitches at ?

I need a bad bitch to roll my blunts.

Me:Fuck me?
Person:Gladly (;

I can’t stand people who are an hour late, then when they show up they have to leave right away….like why did you even come ?

Today is my birthday.

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